Hello. I like to make XIV stuff with friends. Need to contact me?

Thanks to: Aeri, Kiri, Noa, Erif, Yuzu, Vaanir, Nik, Ari, Bila.

Recent changelog

  • January
    • 6 - Expanded the Tural Continent and Southern Continent (Meracydia) + added more announced 7.0 locations to XIV world map from JP FanFest.
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Current Hosted Projects

XIV Resource Masterlist

A comprehensive and filterable list of useful links to FFXIV resources, guides, Discord communities and more. Originally made for my FC.

6.x PLD Resources

Hosting visual resources for the PLD channel on The Balance discord and a mirror of the 6.x PLD Endwalker guide.

Lore References


External Tools

A collection of tools and trackers built on Google Sheets for public copying/use.