Endwalker 6.3+ PLD Resources

Current Tier Fight Optimization

Paladin received a major rework in Patch 6.3 on 10 Jan 2023. Please stay tuned for updates. This page is being updated whenever new information is determined. See changelog for a detailed list.

The v2 6.3 rotation is available with more information on this main rotation and the alternative loop (60s and 120s) rotations in the Intro & Rotations page.

The old Resources pre-6.3 can be found at the PLD Resource Archive, including fight guides for p5s-p8s and DSR.

Pandaemonium: Abyssos Savage

Fifth Circle: Proto-Carbuncle

Sixth Circle: Hegemone

This is a dummy fight, so play for your killtime.

Seventh Circle: Agdistis

Eighth Circle

Fight spreadsheet here - based on the 6.3 rework

Other Fights