Endwalker 6.3+ PLD Resources

Current Tier BiS Gear

Paladin received a major rework in Patch 6.3 on 10 Jan 2023. Please stay tuned for updates. This page is being updated whenever new information is determined. See changelog for a detailed list.

The v2 6.3 rotation is available with more information on this main rotation and the alternative loop (60s and 120s) rotations in the Intro & Rotations page.

The old Resources pre-6.3 can be found at the PLD Resource Archive, including fight guides for p5s-p8s and DSR.

Stats and Itemization

Before obtaining best-in-slot gear, pick gear and meld according to stat priority on each piece of gear. A detailed breakdown of Paladin's stat priority is included at the bottom of this page.

Because of stat tiering, the Tank Gear Calculator gets the last word on any specific gearing questions.

BiS Gear for Pandaemonium Abyssos (Savage)

2.50 - Carrot Pudding

Click for full size or see link to Etro mirror

Fast GCD Best-in-Slot sets

Not recommended as these will perform worse than the 2.50 set. Provided for completeness.

2.42 - Sunset Carrot Nibbles

For high latency (~120+ ms) players. Click for full size or see link to Etro mirror

2.45 - Sunset Carrot Nibbles

Click for full size or see link to Etro mirror

Stat Meld Priority

Highest priority

Weapon Damage (main-hand weapon only)

  • Significantly affects all damage dealt
  • Proportional to item level


  • Affects all damage dealt
  • Proportional to item level

Critical Hit

  • Affects critical chance + critical damage
  • Often naturally capped on BiS gear pieces
  • Priority meld on all gear (unless number turns red when melding)

Skill Speed

  • Reduces weaponskill recast time
  • Meld only to reach preferred GCD speed (commonly anywhere from 2.40-2.45s)
  • (See precise skill speed tiers)

Direct Hit

  • Affects only direct hit chance
  • Meld remaining slots (filler stat)


  • Increases damage dealt and healing done
  • Sometimes used in 1 slot due to stat tiering


  • Increases damage dealt, healing done, and reduces damage taken
  • Rarely melded due to weak scaling and minimal mitigation

Lowest priority