The content below was written for previous expansions and is likely outdated for the current expansion content. The content below are saved purely for archiving purposes.

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[5.x Shadowbringers] PLD Resources

Best-in-slot / BiS Gearsets

As of Patch 5.55

2.43 and 2.41 are suggested for optimization except with latency or other consistency issues causing unreliable mechanic/phase timings. Listed speeds assume food is active.

2.43 - Smoked Chicken

Etro mirror

2.42 - Chicken Fettuccine

Etro mirror

2.41 - Chicken Fettuccine

Etro mirror

2.40 - Chicken Fettuccine

Etro mirror

No-Relic Gearsets

Deprecated 5.4 Savage BiS sets if Blade's weapon (i535) is not available:

Current Savage Tier Optimization

Umbra (E9S)

Optimal rotation is kill-time dependent. With standard opener, both phasers in the first phase should align with Requiescat. Use Hallowed Ground for uptime on the post-tiles phaser.

Litany (E10S)

Optimal rotation is kill-time dependent. To align the disengage for the 2nd Throne of Shadow with Requiescat, prefer 3-second prepull FoF opener with 60-second loop until Void Gate.

For downtime cup game dogs, hardcast Holy Spirit at the wall and drop an Atonement, provided you are not mid-combo.

Anamorphosis (E11S)

Fight GCD spreadsheet

2.43 is the highest-simulating set for this encounter, but the 2nd phase is very tight.

Hallowed Ground may be used for 3rd Burn Mark to stand on the "wrong" side of the boss for uptime (with an additional use in p1 if lightning jail is first) or saved for the downtime pattern in the second Turn of the Heavens.

For long kill-times, pot as normal in the opener, and then before the final goring in the second phase.

Eternity (E12S P1)

Optimal rotation is kill-time dependent. Standard opener with 3rd GCD Spirits Within and a dropped Holy Spirit before and after Diamond Dust aligns future Spirits Within before major damage and allows for hardcasting Holy Spirit in place of Atonement for both slides and big lion bait.

Eternity (E12S P2)

Other Fights

The Cloud Deck (Extreme)

Fight GCD spreadsheet

This encounter is particularly killtime-dependent to set up an optimal final phase re-opener during the last few miniphases. Shown here is the fastest practical re-opener, for a kill around x:50-x:00. For later kills on the minute (9:00, 10:00, etc), simply use a standard rotation after 415 seconds.

For kills at different spots in the minute (8:30, 9:30, etc), adjustments can be made after 4 minutes to delay FoF and Requiescat for a different re-opener without losing a usage. The final phase should ideally lead into a standard rotation with a natural kill at the end of Requiescat, although this won't always be possible.